Omg guys ! (yes, this new category on my blog is gonna be in English! At least, I’m gonna try! My English is not perfect but I hope you’ll understand!) I’m so excited to introduce you to my new type of content: digital drawings. I don’t really know how to call the content I’ll give you… Digital stickers? Digital drawings? What do you think ?

I always want to add some cool design to my Instagram posts, or blog pictures, but never find what I want as a (beauty) blogger. So, why don’t make it myself? And I really wanted to share my work with you!


You can download the file here, in PNG so it’s really easy to put them on your pictures ! Please tag me if you use them, I would be so happy to see your work!

How to use them ?

Once you downloaded the ZIP file with all the png inside, just add the nail polish you want to your blog picture with any program or app who allow you to put an image on another image! A PNG picture has no background, so it’s really easy to use with no technicals skills!



Don’t forget to let me know what you think of it! And I’m a newbie in drawing, so be kind to me pleeeeease !



Passionnée de maquillage depuis 3 ans maintenant, je souhaite partager ce petit bout de ma vie et transmettre ce que j'ai appris durant cette aventure !

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